What are some of the best fly fishing rods/reel brands?

Im going to check out this guys collection of older fly fishing rods and reels and hes wanting around 50 dollars for some of the rods but i don’t know which brands are of great quality.
by the way i found out some are orvis and scientific anglers

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  • nikomat77 says:

    orvis, sage, winston, thomas & thomas are some of the best. redington makes some nice rods and some cheap rods. g loomis makes some high end rods (but to be honest I have never met a fly fisherman that would admit to owning one). there are actually a lot of really good mid level rods out there but you’ll need to do some research to know what your looking for. some bamboo rods are worth money some aren’t same with fiberglass rods (lamiglass rods can be colletable).

    scientific anglers makes great fly lines, decent leaders and tippet but rods really aren’t really their thing (and they are cheap)

  • HTacianas says:

    If he’s selling them for 50 dollars it’s not likely that they are high end rods. The cadillac of fly rods is Orvis, but there are other high end rods as well. Rather than looking for a particular brand, look at what the rod is made of. A good rod will be made of high modulus graphite. Lower quality rods are made of fiberglass or 98% graphite. But off the top of my head some good name brands are Fenwick, Sage, Browning, Partridge.

  • JustAsking says:

    Good fly rod is 8 1/2 long and you may like it and for the reel you have to look for the one you like o.k.

  • Olive says:

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